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Freshwater Fishing Pros

Freshwater Fishing Equipment Reviews, Guides, Maps and More

Ice Fishing Gloves

Having a high quality pair of ice fishing gloves could make or your day on the lake. Don’t get left in the cold without them! 

Fishing Line

Without the right fishing line, it’s nearly impossible to be a consistent angler. Check out these articles to learn more about fishing line and avoid breaks, over paying and much more!

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Fish Finders

A good fish finder can make all the difference between a ssuccessful trip and a skunk. There are many factors to consider when selecting the best fish finder for you. Read our articles to make the decision easy!

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Ice Fishing Shelters

When you are planning to go ice fishing it is a must to have all the right kit with you as once you are out there exposed to elements you will have little room for error. A quality ice fishing shelter is an essential piece of fishing kit to protect you from the extreme temperatures that you might find when out on the ice.

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Rods and Reels

Read more about the best rods and reels for every type of fishing here. We’ll review a wide range of rods and reels for different types of fishing, bodies of water, fish species and more. Learn how to shop for rods and reels and how to find the best deals too! 

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Underwater Cameras

Make fishing easy! It only makes sense that if you can see the fish and the terrain around you, you’ll be able to catch fish at a much higher rate. Check out our buying guides, reviews and much more related to underwater cameras.

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The wrong pair of boots can ruin your fun on a long day of ice fishing. Maybe more importantly, you can put  yourself at risk without a good pair of ice fishing boots. These articles discuss a variety of brands and variations of boots. Check them out! 

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Fly Fishing

Everything we have about fly fishing, from fly fishing guides, to fly rod reviews, tips and more. 

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Going after salmon? Here you’ll find everything  you need to start catching more salmon, from salmon fishing guides, to the best rods and reels for salmon, salmon rod reviews and more. 

freshwater fishing pros


Get the most up to date tips, tricks and strategies for everything freshwater fishing related!