Are you ready to purchase a fishing kayak? Whether you’re buying your first fishing kayak or adding another one to your collection, the BKC FK184 fishing kayak is an awesome mid-price kayak. In this article, we’ll review this BKC fishing kayak including the pros, cons, benefits and more. It’s essential to do your homework before selecting any kayak, but this BKC kayak could be the catch you have been waiting for.

Our BKC FK184 Fishing Kayak Review – All You Need to Know

The BKC sit on top kayak is one of the most well-designed kayaks for solo angling in any water type – calm or rough. In this review, we will identify the features, upsides, and downsides of this model.

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Summary: BKC Sit on Top Kayak Review – One of the Best for Long Trips

The BKC FK184 kayak was launched by the Brooklyn Kayak company in 2016. It has a myriad of dynamic features a solo paddler needs for an optimal fishing experience. Its fishing rod holders will allow you to troll decently even if you are eating, which is uncommon among ordinary kayaks. It’s no surprise that this model is sometimes regarded one of the best fishing kayaks for a multi-day adventure.

It is a one-person sit-on-top kayak. The real point is that it’s a perfect choice for a solo angler or adventurer that wants to deal with any water type, whether it’s calm or choppy. The hull’s shape allows for steady and responsive control in any water condition. Hence, the BKC fishing kayak is a trusty option for rowing, trolling, or relaxing on lazy water floats.

With a weight of forty-four pounds, the BKC FK184 kayak is portable. You can easily carry it. It has four handles, two on each hull side, to help you reach the land.
There’s no catching “too many” fish with this bad boy. The kayak has an ample cargo area at its rear that is perfect for holding any of your fishing equipment or catch. The kayak can support up to 330lbs load capacity.

Another great feature is the waterproof storage space that can allow you to store your supplies such as cell phone, wallet, provisions, bottled waters, and more. It is safe to say that this model has features that most anglers want to see, and it’s worth every penny.

One of the best fishing kayaks for multi-day trips

– Freshwater Fishing Pros

Features & Benefits – BKC Kayak Review

Here are some of the key features of the BKC FK184 kayak. 

Paddle Parks

The paddle park allows you to ease your hands without losing your paddle. Stretchy bungee cords can always keep the paddle in place. Hence, it provides more convenience for your trip.

Built-in Fishing Rod Holders

The built-in fishing rod holders contain four flush-mount holders and an articulating rod holder. These rod holders give you the freedom of deploying many fishing lines at a time. It will also help you troll for more fish with your hands free from paddling.

Waterproof Storage & Cargo Area

The BKC FK184 has great storage space with an expansive cargo area. The cargo space, along with the bungee strap, will store all your fishing gear and outdoor gear. You can place a container for frozen items and other things in there without worrying about overflow.

Adjustable seat and Leg Space

Leg space is essential if you are opting for a multi-day adventure or longer trip. Even though it is a narrow kayak, it has ample leg space for the average sized adult. The adjustable seat also helps find an optimal sitting position.

Carrying Handles

The carrying handles make this kayak relatively  easy  to move. It has four carrying handles and since it weighs only forty-four pounds, the kayak is the ideal lightweight choice for your next multi-day trip.


This model comes with numerous accessories. They include two waterproof hatches, foam seat, cooler, paddle leash, dry bag, and kayak cart.

You can keep your supplies in the dry bag; it comes in five different sizes that range from 5L to 40L. You don’t have to worry about a puncture and tear because the bag is made from durable materials.

The idea behind the paddle leash is to prevent your paddle from floating away. This tool is a kind of gear you can trust for keeping your paddle safe from slipping into the water.

The cooler is another awesome feature.

The water hatches are the best places to store personal accessories, such as your wallet and other supplies. One hatch is located at the bow and the other in the front seat.

BKC Kayak Pros and Cons


  • A solo angler can move the kayak with ease due to its carrying handles.
  • Great for trolling with multiple rod holders
  • You can store your snacks and other supplies in a dedicated space because of the waterproof storage space.
  • Provides stability when trolling
  • Features a comfy foam seat


  • Larger riders wanted more back support
BKC FK184 Fishing Kayak Reviews, bkc fishing kayaks reviews, bkc kayaks reviews

The Final Say – Top Pick for Multi Day Trips – BKC Kayak Review

The BFC FK184 kayak is well-optimized for fishing. We feel it’s a better value than many kayas in this price range. It weighs only forty-four pounds, making it easier to move and carry. It has a ton of useful features including multiple rod holders for trolling. Overall, the kayak has the necessary features to help you have success on your fishing trips. Whether fishing for trout, salmon or something smaller, This kayak can get the job done. Hopefully you found this BKC FK184 Fishing Kayak review helpful. Happy fishing!

BKC Fishing Kayak FAQ

How much does a BKC FK184 kayak weigh?

It weighs about 44 pounds.

Are BKC Kayaks Good for Fishing?

Yes, BKC fishing kayaks offer a  ton of great features to help make your fishiing trip more successful.

Can I stand while kayaking?

The BFC FK184 kayak is steady enough for standing while paddling or kayaking.