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The Lacrosse Iceman Boots Review in Detail

The winter season can be a great time to engage in all those activities you love, like ice fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, and more. Regardless of the activity, you need the right equipment to protect you against the harsh weather conditions. Lacrosse Iceman boots certainly fit the bill. Read on to learn more in this Lacrosse  ICeman Boots review for 2021!

Summary: Lacrosse Iceman Boots are Cold Proof!

At Lacrosse, the priority is to produce boots that won’t let you down. Lacrosse boots are known for being tough and durable. The Lacrosse Iceman boots take care of your feet and give you one less thing to worry about when out in the snow or on the ice. These boots embody everything the company believes in, to provide you with the best outdoor experience possible.

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  • 100% leather body
  • 100% rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 10″ from arch
  • Full-grain leather upper is water resistant
  • Hand-laid premium rubber bottom with abrasion-resistant toe cap is 100% waterproof
  • Wool felt liner is highly insulating, wicks moisture away from the foot and won’t compress over time

They keep your feet warm and dry with a single pair of socks

– Freshwater Fishing Pros

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The Aleader Snow Boots Reviews – Best Features

The Lacrosse Iceman has a long and rich history of providing comfort and warmth for the feet in the harshest conditions. Its double insulation construction, combined with Lacrosse premium natural rubber, keeps you dry and warm throughout winter. They can also make a good compliment to your winter coat, best pair of heated ice fishing gloves and Sitka ice fishing bib. Now, let’s do an in-depth review of the features of the Lacrosse Iceman winter boots.

100% Water Resistant Leather Body

The Lacrosse Iceman has a body made of pure 100% leather. The great thing about this full-grain leather is the quality of material used in making it. This ensures that the Iceman boots are very durable and performs optimally when it comes to protection and also serves for comfort. This tough leather ensures that the boot is 100% water-resistant, no cracks or leaks with this material in place. Every time you need to perform outdoor activities, you can be sure that no moisture would escape into your legs because your iceman boot is there to keep you protected.

100% Rubber Sole

Another noticeable feature of the iceman boots is the 100% natural rubber sole. This feature is 100% water-resistant and completely covers your foot. Ice Fishing with water-resistant soles is an experience everyone should enjoy. This boot gives stability as it has a firm grip on the outsole. This makes it ideal for standing in snow or other surfaces. The inner sole is designed in a way that makes the toe box very comfortable. This means that users experience no abrasion or discomfort while wearing lacrosse iceman boots. When you have comfort, protection and excellent quality, there’s nothing else hindering your most pleasant winter experience.

Open Wide Front Lacing

The lacrosse iceman design is complete with an outer lacing system. This feature has an inner leather material which leans on the liner protecting the skin from direct contact with the leather. The lacing approach is very straightforward and easy to understand. It gives a secure hold as it can be tightened or expanded to fit comfortably on a user. The laces pass through an eyelet to form a zigzag pattern to the top. This lacing system is stable and dependable. The leather’s toughness ensures that even constant pulling of the laces will not compromise the boots’ quality.

However, some users have found the lacing system’s eyelet feature a bit problematic as it slows down the speed at which you can fasten your boots. Others have also complained about the ease with which the eyelets drop off the boots. But even in the absence of the eyelets, the lacing opening remains, to make sure that uses can still enjoy their warm boots

Felt Wool Removable Liner

The beautiful thing about removable liners is that you can take them off and clean them as quickly as you wish. You can also easily squeeze out any moisture or sweat that your feet might have accumulated. This wool liner is easy to use because it absorbs water and locks it in, providing you with a dry foot experience. The multilayers of these liners also ensure adequate insulation to keep your feet warm and dry.

This liner is detachable and is a great advantage because it makes it easy to remove the liner and wear your boots during warmer days. You no longer have to pack your boots away after the winter season. The liner system is the primary source of insulation. The absence of this ensures that the boot can return to average temperature after the winter season when the liner is removed. The removable liner keeps the boot neat and odourless. It takes just a little effort to keep it clean while ensuring that the inner boots always stay dry.

Lacrosse Iceman Boots Review Conclusion –  A Good Buy!

The Lacrosse Iceman boots have a rating of 4.4/5 on Amazon. This means some users might have a couple of issues with the boot system. For example, most people have trouble with the traditional lacing system that this boot adopts. Some would prefer to have a pair they can easily pull up. However, despite these few hitches, there’s no doubt that these boots are extremely strong, comfortable, and durable. That’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Hopefully this Lacrosse Iceman Boots Review was helpful. Stay warm out there!

Lacrosse Iceman Review FAQ

What kind of liner do these boots have?

They have a wool felt liner that is highly insulating. It wicks moisture away from the foot and won’t compress over time. 

How do they compare? Lacrosse Iceman vs Ice King

One difference between the Ice King and the Iceman is that the Ice King has a .375″ (9.525mm) thick pac versus the Iceman’s 9mm (. 354″). It’s said that the Ice King also has more insulation in the sole.