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Find The Best Ice Fishing Gloves for Your Next Trip - Ice Fishing Glove Reviews

The best ice fishing gloves are essential to allow anglers to operate in a cold environment long enough to catch the big one! Hands control almost everything when fishing. Aside fomr the obvious health issues like frost bite, cold hands can make it more difficult to tie hooks, string line and remove fish. It can even hinder your ability to reel or feel a fish on. Your fishing adventure can end prematurely if you do not have the the best pair of ice fishing gloves.

There are two main types of ice fishing gloves you can get. You can get the non-heated waterproof gloves or get the heated gloves. The heated ice fishing gloves come with a battery system that heats the elements to keep your hands warm.

When on a fishing trip, the last thing need to worry about is cold hands! Get the right gloves, and they will contribute towards keeping the hands comfortable for a happy fishing experience. Read on to learn which gloves are the best ice fishing gloves of 2022.

    Overall Best Ice Fishing Gloves

    From these ice fishing glove reviews, you will realize WindRider stands out as one of the best overall ice fishing gloves. It is a practical waterproof ice fishing glove you can wear the whole day and be confident they will hold up. They are touchscreen compatible to allow users to operate a wide array of touch screen devices. Your fishing adventure will not be interrupted by cold hands, texts, phone calls, Googling or your touch screen fish finder. The insulation makes it very practical in everyday applications as well. It is a versatile glove you can use when skiing, ice fishing, snowboarding and much more. It’s a great ice fishing gloves for women or men.

    Review of Features and Benefits
    1. Touchscreen fingertips – The Windrider Waterproof ice fishing gloves allow you to operate different touchscreen devices. While the fingertips are touch screen, the bulkiness of the gloves make it difficult to operate smaller touch screen devices.
    2. Waterproof – Upon testing these by dipping them in water, they are definitely waterproof. However, they did still get wet. This could be an issue in extremely cold temperatures. You can feel confident that your hands and the insides of the gloves will remaim dry. Just be aware. If the fingertips get wet, it is still possible for them to freeze in extremely cold conditions.
    3. Rugged construction – The gloves are made out of Cordura nylon shell. The inner fleece liner makes them very durable, warm and comfortable. They have several layers that reinforce them to keep your hands warm and the gloves in good shape. If the glove is too tight around your fingers, you may notice more cold than you should. There was a significant difference in fingertip warmth when avoiding tight fingers. If you feel this, try one size bigger.
    4. Comes with pockets – The gloves come with zippered pockets on the backside of the glove. These are great for storing small items or handwarmers. The pockets are also waterproof to allow the secure handling of a wide range of items. They’re roughly big enough for a credit card. While the zipper is waterproof, exercise caution when storing things like key fabs or electronics.
    Key Features
    • Touchscreen fingertips
    • Waterproof
    • Sturdy construction
    • Good storage
    • Very warm
    • One of the best heated ice fishing gloves

    Best Heated Ice Fishing Gloves

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    These are the best heated ice fishing gloves for men and women. Three heating levels allow you to adjust the warmth to your comfort level on a cold ice fishing trip. You can feel confident that you’ll be comfortable on a long trip. They’re comfortable on the inside but durable enough to handle any type of fish. Touchscreen capability allows you to operate devices without needing to remove the gloves. They boast a full ten hour wamrth time.

    Review of Features and Benefits

    1. Polyester construction – Heated ice fishing gloves should be strong yet comfortable, and these fit the bill. The gloves are pretty bulky but maintain a high level of dexteriy. This is crucial on a cold fishing trip. The polyester construction assures you of a good grip. You will not be disappointed with the functionality of these gloves, while still maintaining comfort.
    2. Built-in carbon fiber heating – The gloves come with a built-in heating mechanism. They have 3 heat settings,  and are actually very warm without the heater on at all. The long-lasting warmth allows you to have a firm grip on objects when out in the cold for several hours. Anglers who would like to spend several hours in the cold can count on them for a warm, dry fishing experience.
    3. Intelligent control – You can easily control the heating level of the gloves. Users can choose low, medium, and high heat. There’s a pretty big gap between the lowest setting and the warmest setting. They offer a good range where you can find a comfortable level of warmth in a wide array of temperatures. They also come with an automatic power-saving design which works to preheat the gloves and then switch to the most efficient heating level to save battery. The only complaint is there was a lot of heat buildup in the wrist area where the heating coil starts.
    4. Waterproof and breathable – The best ice fishing gloves should come in moisture-wicking design and these are solid. They have an important feature that allows sweat vapor to escape while maintaining a waterproof outer layer. This made a big difference for comfort. They do a good job of beading the water and quickly repelling it. No water inside the gloves either!
    5. Touchscreen compatible fingertips – They do offer touch screen fingertips but small devices can difficult to use due to the size of the fingers. Works great on a tablet or larger size screen. They also work with touch screen fish finders, which is nice.
    6. Battery life – The gloves are built with a 7.4v rechargeable battery. It also comes with 2 batteries which is convenient. The battery life is good. Even at the warmest setting, you’ll get several hours of battery life – somewhere in the 8-9 hour range. If you’re not running the heat continuously, they’ll last all day.

    Key Features

    • High capacity 7.4v rechargeable battery
    • Intelligent control
    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Fan flex membrane
    • Touchscreen compatible
    • Drawstring closure

    Read the full review here.

    My Selection for the Best Ice Fishing Gloves in 2022

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    Having the right ice fishing gloves is crucial to enjoy your day and get the most out of your trip. Both gloves pass the waterproof test and provide ample warmth. They also feel very durable. 

    All things considered, the VELAZZIO Thermo1 is my top choice. The heating mechanism put me over the top. I’ve been stuck outside ice fishing with cold hands before and it is no fun at all. While I would miss the additional storage offered by the Windrider gloves, I’ll happily trade that for the additional warmth.

    If budget is more of a concern, the WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves  are still an excellent option. They provide superior warmth at their price point plus the added feature of additional storage. 

    After comparing the two ice fishing gloves, we recommend VELAZZIO Thermo1. They are one of the best ice fishing gloves you can buy for the money.