Sit-on-top kayaks are the most flexible types. They are very steady and allow you to get on and off as you please. Unlike the sit-ins, there is no feeling of imprisonment on them. They also have scupper holes that allow the water to drain through them and so are not likely to sink in water. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 is one of the most reputable sit-on-top kayaks for recreational paddling and boat tournaments. It could also serve as an excellent fishing kayak. In this Wildnerness Systems Tarpon 120 review, we will identify the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this fishing kayak.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Review
 – All You Need to Know

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 fishing kayak was launched in 2019. The product is known for its innovative features, enhanced speed, stability, versatility, and flexibility. It is regarded as a tournament-winning kayak. Weighing 63 lbs, you can easily throw it on top of a car.

Summary: Our Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Fishing Kayak Review

Beyond the advantages mentioned above, quality is one crucial feature present in a sit-on-top kayak. It would help if you do a little research and figure out brands that have distinguished themselves in the kayak industry. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 could be that option that you have always needed!

The kayak’s flexibility makes it an ideal choice for any water type. Calm waters and small lakes are excellent locations for the Tarpon 120. Its flexibility places it at a significant disadvantage in that the rider may find it challenging to maneuver in stormy conditions. However, the weakness does not affect its quality. In any case, the Tarpon 120 is still one of the top-selling sit-on-top kayaks.

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  • Ample storage space due to its large storage well, center storage, and kayak krate.
  • Ultimate comfort level due to a convertible seat and adjustable footrest.
  • The kayak is speedy and easy to control because of the fiberglass paddle.
  • Durable due to the trailerable cover.

A very worthy sit on top fishing kayak

– Freshwater Fishing Pros

Here We Go! The Tarpon 120 Review Pros & Cons

The Tarpon 120 fishing kayak has numerous features that water enthusiasts need for an exceptional experience. These features come with many benefits. Learn more in the rest of this Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 review.

The Pros

Airpro Seating and Paddle Holder Bungee

The Tarpon 120 is one of the most famous sit-on-top kayaks because of its high comfort level. It is easy to relax your body in the kayak, whether on a day or multi-day trip. No features enhance this sense of comfort more than the airpro seating, paddle holder bungee, and adjustable footrest. The comfy seat is adjustable both on the foot and back. It allows for a breath of fresh air to help you relax while easing tension on your lower back.

Another thing is that the seat is a bit elevated, which will keep you from getting wet when paddling. The high chair can also give a better range of vision and help you troll for fish better since you are not sitting on the kayak floor. There is also the paddle holder bungee at each side of the paddle which prevents your paddle from falling overboard.

Adjustable Footrest

The adjustable footrest can also make your angling trip a more enjoyable experience. It allows for proper foot support and comfort. It is easy to regulate the lever based on your height level.

Magnetic Bottle Holder

The magnetic bottle holder allows you to store your bottled drinks safely. The best part of it is that it has a magnetic closure.

Rear Storage Tankwell

When you are setting out for a fishing trip, you need to carry extra gear, unlike mere paddling. With the Tarpon 120 kayak, there’s ample space for your angling gear. The large storage tank is located at the back of the seat. It has two closed hatches and bungee cords. It can help you store your fishing equipment, camping gear, coolers, crates, and many other items. The smaller storage space is at the front seat, and it provides dry storage for your small-sized valuables.

Center Storage

Unlike the rear storage tankwell, the center storage allows the rider to store their supplies. Your supplies may include a wallet, cell phone, keys, snacks, and other valuables.

PFD Jacket

No one wants to drift off when fishing from their sit-on-top kayaks. The Tarpon 120 kayak considers this, and the PFD jacket is the answer. You can liken the coat to a seatbelt in cars. When you get on the kayak, make sure to wear the PFD jacket. It minimizes chafing during casting. A mini bottle holder is also attached to the coat to make basic drinks accessible.

Fiberglass Paddle

You can picture this feature as a solid and sharp blade tailored to generate tremendous speed on the water. Paddlers or anglers can adjust the shaft length and feathering level to regulate the speed.

Trailerable Cover

A good boat cover will secure a sit-on-top kayak by helping it to resist direct forces. The Tarpon 120 trailerable cover offers durability. It is designed to allow mounting plates, larger seats, and other boat accessories to stay installed while the surface is on top of the kayak.

Kayak Krate

Kayak krate is an extended version of the tankwell storage. It allows the paddler to store tackle boxes and larger fishing gear. You can keep additional items in the alternate lid storage.

The Cons

  • The Tarpon 120 doesn’t have specific fishing rod holders unless you utilize the ones attached to the kayak krate.
  • Amateurs may find it hard to navigate to angle in stormy conditions.
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The Verdict – A Great  Beginner Fishing Kayak – Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Review

The Wilderness System Tarpon 120 fishing kayak is excellent for a multi-day adventure. The spacious and cozy storage space allows you to keep your items safe throughout your trip. It can function well in numerous circumstances. If you’re tired of fishing from shore, it’s a great way to get on the water without needing to purchase an entire boat! 

The kayak comes from a reputable manufacturer and guarantees efficiency and sturdiness. It is speedy, steady, and easy to control. It’s no wonder that most users agree that this kayak is well known for it’s speed. Hopefully this Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 review was helpful. Happy fishing!

Tarpon 120 Kayak FAQ

How much weight can the Tarpon 120 support?

Tarpon 120 has a weight capacity of 350 lbs.

What kind of warranty does the Tarpon 120 have?

Yes, but that depends on the time it happened. Generally, Tarpon 120 has a five year warranty. Within the first five years, you can relay your complaints to the company’s customer service.