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Christmas is on the way, or maybe, you forgot about someone getting another year older. Maybe, it just so happens that person is an avid ice fisherman. Are you asking what does every ice fisherman need? Well, have no fear! We have compiled a list of the top 16 best ice fishing gifts in 2022 that would make ANY avid fisherman jump for joy, including the best ice fishing gifts for dad, the best ice fishing Christmas gifts, and the best ice fishing birthday gifts

Here’s our short list of the best ice fishing gifts in 2022 if you’re in a hurry:

  1. Spinning rod and reel
  2. Vacuum sealer
  3. The Best Ice Fishing Gift for Dad – Electric Ice Auger
  4. Dyna-Glo Charcoal Smoker
  5. Ice fishing shelter 
  6. The Best Ice Fishing Christmas Gift – Underwater Ice Fishing Camera

We try to mix it up between bigger ticket items and lower priced items. If you don’t love anything here, read on for the full list of the top 16 best ice fishing gift ideas in 2022.


The Top 16 Unique Ice Fishing Ideas in 2022

The spinning rod is one of the most popular recent innovations for ice fishermen. This type of rod is ideal for lakes, rivers and streams and is well known for its ability to cast a lighter lure.

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If you’re looking for a quick answer, the Sougayilang Portable Pocket Fishing Rod is super popular right now. It’s very reliable and very affordably priced. 

A food vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags to keep your catch as fresh as possible. Multi-layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn, reduces spoilage and waste. It also makes cooking meal prep easier and cleaner! 

Your fishermen will need something to store the mass amounts of fish they catch, and this is the tool. It’s a must for anyone who keeps their catch.

Dry bags are a unique gift idea for any outdoorsmen, including fishermen! Fishing is definitely a wet activity and a dry bag is the perfect tool to keep your belongings protected during travel or fishing activities. It’s an affordable gift that comes in an array of colors and sizes, making it suitable for anyone.  

Looking for an extra special gift? A charcoal smoker isn’t one of the cheapest items on this list, but it will most definitely be appreciated. Every fishermen loves catching fish, but what about after? Help your fishermen enjoy their catch again with a quality smoker, like the Dyna-Glo Charcoal Smoker. 

An ice fishing is one of the most important pieces of equipment an ice fisherman can have. It protects them from the elements and makes fishing much more enjoyable. A good quality ice fishing shelter, like the Eskimo Quickfish Portable Ice Fishing Shelter, will last many years and help your angler take their fishing trips to the next level. 

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You can’t fish without the proper equipment. A good ice fishing kit like the one from Topfort offers a wide range of baits, lures, hooks, tackle and much. It also comes in a convenient carrying case to help your fisherman stay organized. 

Having the proper apparal is crucial for ice fishing due to the freezing tempratures, and it all starts with a good pair of ice fishing gloves, like the Velazzio heated ice fishing gloves. This will keep your fisherman’s hands warm and safe during a long day on the ice. 

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Fishing line isn’t the flashiest gift on the list, but it’s definitely an essential one. Every angler needs a seemingly endless supply and variety of fishing line. It’s often not a fun buy either, so getting it as a gift can be a nice relief. This monofilament line from Kastking is affordable and can be used for a wide range of fishing. 

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No one likes to think the about the worst outcomes, but better safe than sorry. Many ice fishermen overlook some important safety aspects, so it sometimes takes someone else to make sure they have the proper safety equipment. This simple safety kit from Frabill could save the day for just a few bucks. 

#10: The Best Ice Fishing Gift for Dad – Electric Ice Auger 

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Gas and electric augers make ice fishing much more efficient. We all know dads are hard workers, but ice fishing should be a time for relaxation and enjoyment. Having to drill numerous holes by hand can get old real quick! That’s why the electric ice auger wins the pick for best ice fishing gift for dads. Electric augers have also come a long ways in terms of power and battery. The Ion electric ice auger makes drillling holes quick and easy. Not a cheap gift, but one that will last many years and definitely be appreciated on the ice. 

One of the most underrated tools on the list. The trusty ice scoop makes digging ice out of your freshly drilled hole MUCH easier, dryer and warmer. If your fisherman has never used this tool before, trust me when I say, he will never want to go back to being without one. 

Shelter lights are essential for morning and night time fishing. These often go forgotten until you’re fumbling around the tent trying to use your iPhone as a flashlight. They can be moved around or clipped to your ice fishing shelter. This shelter light from Frabill is cheap and handy. 

Tip ups are great for ice fishing. You can never have too many either. There’s a wide variety of tip ups available but this one from Frabill (yes, again) is quality. If your fisherman hasn’t used a tip up before, it’s a great alternative to traditional fishing.

Underwater cameras are excellent for ice fishing. They help anglers see the environment around them as well as the fish below them. It’s great for identifying and analyzing how fish are reacting to the bait in the water. This model from MOOCOR is one of the best available. That’s why we’re happy to make this the best ice fishing Christmas gift! Whoever opens one of these on Christmas day will NOT be disappointed!

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A high quality pair of pliers are a must have for any fisherman. They’re an essential piece of gear that can be used often and in many ways. This pair from Kastking is a solid pair at a great price. 

An ice fishing sled is a great idea that will help make your fisherman’s excursive a little easier on the body. Ice fishing can entail a bunch of heavy equipment. A good ice fishing sled like this one from Shappell is the perfect way to simplify the hauling process. 

All The Best Ice Fishing Gift Ideas for 2022

So there you have it. Our list of the top 16 best ice fishing gift ideas for 2022. We feel like this list has a little bit of everything from more expensive ice augers, to cheap knick knack items like bait and tackel. Hopefully this list gave you some great ideas to help your fisherman enjoy the special day a little bit more. Be sure to check out the best ice fishing gift for dad and the best ice fishing Christmas gift too!

Here’s our short list again of the best ice fishing gifts in 2022:

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