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The Comprehensive Orvis Recon 5wt Review

Every fly fisherman is looking for that perfect rod that is built to last for years to come. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fly fisherman, the search for your perfect rod can be exhausting. Hopefully this Orvis Recon 5wt review will make it easier for you to get your hands on the right rod.

This is a great rod for both large and small bodies of water. 

In this detailed Orvis Recon 5wt review, we’ll take a close look at every aspect of the rod so you can feel confident making a purchase today!

Summary: The Recon Orvis 5wt is Strong Buy

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If ever there was a standard for all-around performance on larger streams, rivers, and lakes for multiple species of fish, it’s this rod! The Orvis Recon 5wt is a rod that can handle an array of fish including large trout, bass, panfish and more. This length/weight rod is the number one selling configuration. Its length and mid-range line weight give it great versatility for dry-fly fishing, streamer fishing, drifting, and nymphing rigs.

  • Made in USA
  • 25-Year Guarantee
  • Pewter type III anodized aluminum reel seat with wood insert
  • Blanks are matte olive with charcoal and spring green accent
  • Quick rod identifier on the blank

The best configuration offered.

– Freshwater Fishing Pros

orvis recon 5wt review, orvis recon 9 5wt review, orvis recon 9ft 5wt review, orvis recon 10 5wt review

Features and Benefits – Orvis Recon 9ft 5wt Review

The Orvis Recon can be described as a mid-range fly rod that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced fly fisherman. It’s the next series of rods from Orvis, following the Access series. If you’re looking for a high quality fly fishing rod at a reasonable price, the Orvis Recon is an excellent option. 

The Orvis Recon comes with a shadow green blank, black reel seats and nickel hardware. This is a smooth rod that can handle multiple styles of fishing. 

The Recon comes stocked with an aluminum tube, cloth rod bag and a preloaded reel with backing and protective case. This rod comes with everything a beginner fly fisherman needs to get working.


The Recon Orvis 5et fly rod caters for both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. The 4-piece Orvis Recon rod is currently available in multiple weights but we really prefer the 5wt. 

The Recon Orvis 5wt reviewed has received a to of praise from users for its overall light weight and excellent feel. You’ll notice easy casting and very good accuracy. The lightweight feel allows you to get in a full day of fishing without feeling too fatigued.


You’ll instantly feel the superior quality of the ORviss Recon 5wt. As with all Orvis rods, it’s manufactured in Manchester, Vermont, and leaves no doubt that it’s a well built, US-made product.

The ferrule design is new for the Recon series. The rod is equipped with a 7″ half wells grip and heavy-duty hardware. It looks very appealing in addition to its high performance. 

The kit includes a durable aluminum rod tube and cloth rod bag. You can feel confident in your purchase with the backing of a 25 year warranty as well. 


USers regularly noticed exceptional accuracy and power with the Recon rod. This is due to the fast action and light swing weight. This rod routinely casts 60+ ft with great accuracy. At some point, you start to notice less accuracy, but overall, it’s a very accurate cast up to mid to long ranges. 

The softer tip of the Recon is the ideal match for the fast action, enhancing the feel of this rod. The rod performed well in shootout test reviews against similar rods on the market. It’s a reliable rod for many situations from panfish, to large trout, to bass. 


The Recon performs well at distances from 35 to 100 ft. Users haven’t noticed any significant loss of power even closer to 100ft. This allows you to take dvantage of many opportunities near and far. 

The Recon Orvis 5wt is excellent in streams, lakes, rivers and more making it a great all around rod to always have with you. 

The Recon can be used with dry flies on the surface, streamer flies in deeper water and nymphs as well. The rod can be used to catch large brown or rainbow trout and is strong enough to catch larger fish as well. 


The Orvis Recon 5wt fly rod carries a 25-year guarantee to either fix a damaged or replace a broken rod at no charge. This should give you the confidence to fish hard and often!

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The Orvis Recon 5wt Review Summary

We firmly believe that the Orvis Recon 5wt is one of the best mid-range rods available. It’s still an incredible value as one of the best fly fishing rods under $500.

The quality and feel of the Recon construction, the US materials used and the 25-year warranty provide peace of mind, no matter how often you fish. This would be an awesome gift! If you’re looking for other great. gift ideas for your fisherman, check out the best ice fishing gift ideas for 2020.

Buy with confidence!

Orvis Recon 5wt Fly Rod FAQ

Are Orvis Recon Rods Any Good?

We believe the Orvis Recon fly fishing rod series is one of the best mid-range rods on the market today. Their durability, quality and accuracy make them one of the best fly rodss under $500.

What is a 5wt Fly Rod Good for?

The 5wt rod is often considered the “universal trout rod” for fly fishing. It can throw dry flies, streamers and nymphs with success. It’s light enough for smaller panfish and perch, but strong enough for larger trout, catfish and bass. 

What is the Best 5wt Fly Rod?

The Orvis Recon 5wt is one of the best 5wt fly fishing rods under $500.