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The Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar Fish Finder Review

If you’ve been searching for a way to find the perfect fishing spots in less time, then the Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar fish finder might be just the fish finder for you. Manufactured by the Deeper company, this fishfinder is an indispensable tool at sea. It provides high-quality images of underwater objects the minute you cast it into the water. Want to discover more reasons why you should choose this fish finder? Keep reading for the best Deeper Pro Plus review!

The Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar ranks as one of the best fish finders ever. It features a powerful transducer that goes as far as 330ft, and as deep as 260ft when cast into sea. Tech-savvy individuals will enjoy this product. It is linked to a phone app that opens up immediately you throw your fishfinder underwater.

This fishfinder is the ultimate package for fishing. It delivers powerful and accurate scanning that is unmatched by any other fish finder. For the Deeper Pro Plus, no spot is out of reach. Here are a few more benefits of getting the Deeper Pro Plus:

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  • Strong Wi-Fi that connects to your phone easily, allowing you to see instant results
  • 5+hours of battery life so you can use the fish finder for as long as possible
  • Linked to a smartphone to allow for saving easy retrieval of images and maps
  • GPS and maps to give you direction and identify your regular fishing spots on a return visit

So many great features available!

– Freshwater Fishing Pros

Deeper Pro Plus Review

If you are a professional fisherman that wants a detailed analysis of the river you intend to fish in, you should consider getting the Deeper Pro+ fish finder. Besides accurate predictions of underwater objects, you’ll also enjoy maps that will guide you to common fishing habitats. Take a quick look at some features.

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Portability – 4.8/5

This fish finder comes in a small ball-shaped form, so you can carry it everywhere. It also helps that the Deeper Pro+ works with a smartphone and wireless Wi-Fi, rather than a large screen of its own. You can retrieve maps, fishing spots, or any additional information at any point in time.

The Deeper Pro+ Sonar is so small that it can fit into the palm of your hand. It only weighs about 3.70z. However, you need a large fishing rod to cast the fishing line if you want your Deeper to go the whole 330 feet casting range it offers. A sinking line will get entangled with the weeds in the water and may be harder to remove.

Battery Life 4.7/ 5

You can use your fish finder for 5-8 hours on a stretch. That said, you should charge it regularly and recharge every six months. If you do this, the battery will last for several years. Deeper recommends that you ask for technical help when you need to replace your battery.

To keep your battery in good shape, you should know what the lights symbolize:

  • Green: Fully charged.
  • Orange: A blinking orange light means that the battery has begun charging and is in good condition. In most cases, your battery should be fully charged within 2 hours of charging it.
  • Blue: This light tells you that your room temperature is too low for charging the battery. Deeper batteries will only charge when the temperature is above 3˚C.
  • White: A white light means your battery is up for a firmware update. To get your battery updated, download the Deeper App and connect it to your sonar while charging the battery.
  • Red: If your battery shows a red light or no light, it means that there is an issue with your battery or USB cable. You can try taking off and plugging in the charger consecutively for a few times. If you don’t notice any change, it may be time to contact the Deeper Support team or get a new battery.

Even infrequent fishers need to recharge their battery regularly. Your battery might lose its power if you neglect it.

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Usability: 4.2/5

The Deeper Pro+ may not be the easiest fish finder to use, but it comes near the top of the usability list. As long as you follow Deeper’s online tutorials, you’ll do fine. Courtesy of its connection to a smartphone screen, the fish finder produces clear and detailed images of the information it collects underwater. However, the Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar is not without its problems.

Try to keep your fish finder as close to your boat as possible. While it is true that the casting range of the Deeper Pro+ is about 300ft, throwing it close to the edge of the riverbank might hurt it.

The Deeper Pro+ Android app also takes up a lot of space and syncs images to the phone’s memory file without user permission. While you are fishing, the Deeper’s Wi-Fi may also disconnect itself from your phone.

Accuracy: 4.1/5

The Deeper Pro+ uses fish icons to determine whether an object it comes in contact with is a fish. Fish icons identify a fish by their size and the strength of the sound signals they send through the sonar. In most cases, the fish finder predicts the nature of the object correctly.

However, some vegetation and other underwater objects may imitate the readings and fool the fish finder into mistaking them for fishes.

The Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar is a Smart Buy

We think that anglers will find a lot of success using the Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar. The battery life is great. In most cases, the phone died before the fish finder did. It’s really easy to use and while not perfect, is still one of the more accurate fish finders on the market today. 

Lastly, the price is fair and we’d consider it a good value for the amount of features and dependibility of this fish finder. At the end of the day, the most important thing is catching fish, and the Deeper Pro Plus fish finder does that!

Hopefully this Deeper Pro Plus review helped. Happy fishing!

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Which bodies of water can i use the Deeper Pro+ fish finder in?
You can use it in any body of water. You will get the most accurate readings when the depth is between 0.5m to 80m.
What is the max depth it can read?
Up to 260 feet.
Where can I find the Wifi password if forgotten?
The default WiFi password for the Deeper PRO and PRO+ is 12345678
Does the Deeper Pro Plus tell you the size of the fish?
Yes! Fish in sonar readings are displayed as an arch. You’ll be able to see the relative sizes of each arch.
How long is the battery life on the Deeper Pro Plus?
After a full charge, it will last at least 8 hours. Keep an eye on your phone battery as well.