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Abu Garcia C3 Review – 5500, 5501, 6500,  6501

Fishing is a work of art and technique. It is a technical job that requires careful analysis and time, studying the techniques and obviously buying the right products. Even if you are doing it for a living, you do find it fun at some part. In this article, we’ll discuss the Abu Garcia C3 review. 

If you are equipped with the right tools it’s going to be more smooth, swift and untroubled. Using a good baitcaster not only increases the success rate but also gives the task professional shape.

Today, we are going to review the Abu Garcia Baitcasting Reel to find out what it’s all about.

Summary: The Abu Garcia C3 is Reliable and Durable!

The Abu Garcia C3 is efficiently engineered for powerful, swift and accurate operation. The material used is carbon fiber and aluminum and is available for right or left-hand orientation. The bearings are made of stainless steel and it comes in black. It is light in weight and weighs only less than a pound around 0.75 pounds. It has a carbon matrix drag system, 6 six centrifugal brakes and 3 stainless steel, and 1 roller bearing.

The strong gear support system is one of the highlighted features. It has a moderate gear ratio (5:3:1) giving comparably better-retrieving rates.

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  • Baitcast fishing reel designed for strength, smooth operation and precision
  • 3 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 roller bearing
  • Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth and consistent drag
  • 6-pin centrifugal brakes
  • Extended bent cranking handles and power
  • High power and premium performance
  • Gear ratio 5:3:1
  • Enhanced Gear train
  • Anti-Reverse reel


  • Durable and stylishly designed
  • Lightweight, low-profile as compared to other Abu Garcia baitcasting devices
  • Can hold the heavier line
  • Can hold more line
  • More distance control and precision
  • Longer casts
  • Stronger drag capabilities
  • Can handle heavier fish


  • High cost as compared to a spinning reel
  • The brakes provide more resistance
  • Handled by highly skilled anglers only
  • Either right or left-hand oriented and not easy to switch.
  • Backlashes (sudden bunching of the line in the spool)
  • If not controlled properly knots can form in the reel

The Abu Garcia C3 will be your next go to reel

– Freshwater Fishing Pros

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The Abu Garcia C3 Review – User Opinions

Per the reviews gathered through various platforms, the Abu Garcia C3 Baitcast Reel is a solid buy. There have been some changes in the appearance but overall, the functionality is still top notch. This product is ideal for long-line trolling and casting artificial baits. Most of the users are happy with the purchase and recommend it.

It is lightweight, easy to carry and durable. It will make a great addition to any angler who appreciates easy to transport gear. It has a sleek design, fair cost and accurate casting.

Our Take

Abu Garcia is a reputable brand among fishermen and this reel is no different.

Throughout its journey, the company has managed to maintain the quality of its products. It has a narrow spool that is comfortable in the hand, casts long distances and causes minimal backlash issues. This reel can provide more torque and is preferably used for heavy and hard to handle fish. A variety of specifications and designs are available so there’s a good choice for any fisherman.

Abu Garcia C3 Reviews Conclusion – Love the C3!

In a nutshell, the product is lightweight, reliable and durable. It is a must-try for beginners looking to bait cast in streams or rivers. 

The only negatives are several concerns regarding the packaging if you are buying it online. Mostly there are no complaints, but there’s some instances of damage to the gear and spool. Be sure to double check your warranty.

Hopefully this Abu Garcia C3 Review was helpful. Go catch ’em up!